Introducing a new wiki template to link communication channels

While working on my extensions I spend quite some time on, looking at various MediaWiki documentation. And while being there something peaked my interest:

Extension pages have a link to their issue tracker prominently placed to the right of the page title. How’s that possible? As it turns out it’s a MediaWiki feature called page status indicators that has been there since 2014.

Inspired by this I created a new template for the OSM wiki and went ahead and added it to 30 pages. The end result looks like this:




(I have linked these screenshots to the respective wiki pages, so you can click them to see it live.)

The tag icon refers to a tag on this forum, the group icon refers to a category on this forum. The envelope icon refers to a mailing list. #foobar denotes an IRC channel, while [m] refers to a Matrix room.

Unfortunately page status indicators aren’t displayed in MediaWiki’s mobile view. This has been requested back in 2014 but hasn’t been implemented yet.

But I still really like the new links on Desktop. I think it makes sense for wiki pages to prominently promote the official communication channels, in a consistent place (so that readers know where to look) and with a consistent iconography (so that readers can easily recognize the links once they have familiarized themselves with the icons).

tl;dr You are welcome to add the new template to more wiki pages but don’t remove existing links because the new template isn’t displayed on mobile (yet?).

Who knows I might try to tackle the 8-year-old MediaWiki feature request. Haha but yeah I am getting sidetracked again …


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