Introducing mtb:scale for Dirt Biking/Enduro Trail Reports

I wanted to share a new approach I’ve been exploring to improve the accessibility of my dirt bike/enduro trail reports in Northern Thailand. Instead of relying on the subjective motorcycle or experimental dirtbike:scale, I’ve started using mtb:scale to describe the physical condition of the trails.

The problem with motorcycle=yes/no is its lack of specific information about difficulty and suitability for different user groups. Similarly, dirtbike:scale falls short due to limited support from common renderers.

By adopting mtb:scale, we can provide an objective assessment of trail conditions, benefiting both the enduro and mountain biking communities. It enhances accessibility and encourages collaboration.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this approach. From your standpoint, does adopting mtb:scale for dirt bike trail reports as a solution seem acceptable?

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