Investigation of open public hiking trail data from the german data portals

(I understand written german, but cannot write it well, feel free to answer in any language you want)

I investigated open public hiking trail data from the german data portal today based on the 5 star data model and open formats and whether it likely covers all trails in germany or not.

The result was (similar to Sweden and Italy) that we don’t have a lot of public data about hiking trails and what little we have is lacking in multiple ways.

I am curious whether there is a law in Germany concerning open data?
Would anyone here like to push for more open data about hiking trails in Germany?

In Sweden, we got a new law last year which requires public companies and authorities to share data if they have it when requested, with a few exceptions.

This law has never been tested in the courts, and the authorities I contact with are either not aware of the law or breaks it by refusing to share the data. :man_shrugging:

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