Inviting suggestions for Indian POIs

(In a spirit similar to an earlier thread…)

Earlier, @NLBRT raised the issue of India-specific tags on the wiki. Later, we put together a list of features for which we were unable to find documented tags -

  1. A tea vendor, usually a street vendor on a push cart (but sometimes a shop in a building). May have benches or other impromptu open-air seating nearby. amenity=cafe doesn’t seem to be a good fit. Not to be confused with shop=tea, which sells tea leaves and/or tea bags.

  2. A panwādi AKA paan vendor. Usually part of a building, but sometimes in a kiosk. May also sell (traditionally) Gulkand - Wikipedia and (in recent years) tobbaco products (cigarettes, bidis), snacks, etc.

    This was discussed in the room. shop=paan was proposed first. shop=betel was suggested to avoid confusion with “pans”, and may be acceptable if an English word is preferred. shop=betel_quid may be more accurate.

  3. A digital services shop. Services include phone recharge, train/plane tickets, application for various government schemes (ration card, Aadhar card, etc), and/or money transfer. May or may not be government-appointed. Frequently overlaps with copy shops and/or cyber cafes.

    • Perhaps we need a service:* prefix. Some of the above services are also provided by other shops, such as mobile shops and convenience stores.
  4. An office for a tent provider. They set up large “tents” (and tables, seating, etc) for outdoor Indian events e.g. weddings. Some also provide catering services.

  5. An office for booking a musician or an ensemble. These provide musicians (typically one of two kinds - a brass band, or a dhol player) for hire, typically for wedding processions.

Please provide suggestions on how to tag the above.

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