Is amenity=waste_basket;recycling good for tagging combined garbage/recycling bins?

The other day, I got in touch with a highly productive mapper who, among other things, added nearly 800 objects tagged as amenity=waste_basket;recycling (there were also others who did the same, but not as many as he did).

I stumbled upon these objects accidentally, while browsing the Greater Toronto Area, because they were not rendered as waste baskets or recycling nodes in JOSM or iD, and they didn’t appear on OSM Carto at all.

Here’s an example: Node: 10078603703 | OpenStreetMap. You can find more examples on this overpass turbo.

The mapper has been using this tagging approach for many years, and the reason for it, as he explained, is that these objects represent combined garbage/recycling bins, which are quite common in Toronto. Typically, one side of the bin is designated for garbage, while the other side is for recycling.


The mapper was uncertain about the most appropriate way to tag them and settled on amenity=waste_basket;recycling.

I’m curious if there might be a more suitable method to denote these objects, or if the current tagging is the best approach available.

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