Is it possible to contribute providing rooftop photovoltaics potential in Spain, and upload shape or csv files?

New in OSM:

Several colleagues work together in a research project to calculate the rooftop PV potential in the Basque Country, and probably we will do it also for several regions of Spain.
GeoEuskadi (one contributor to OpenStreetMap) provides information about buildings in the Basque Country.
We obtain the results in vectorial files (shape files, but we can also convert information into csv files), so we can assign several relevant data to each roof, in a large area (every file can have information for a whole city).
We would like to share the results of this research, and upload them to OSM, so anybody can click on their building and see that data.
Is it possible to upload these files? What format should they have? Where will they be stored? Should we provide a server to store that data?

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