Is it possible to create node labels in id editor that adapt automatically?

Hi all,
I created a private copy of the id Editor on my local machine. I already played around the iD editor a bit and changed a few presets and co but one thing I was not able to figure out yet: Is it possible to configure the iD editor to use specific tag information of nodes, like the name of a store, or the address of it and show this information as a label on the map?
That means, the user would not need to click on the node itself but sees the information directly on the map. If that information would change, the label would be adapted automatically as well. I guess that’s what’s happening for streets to display street names? But is there something similar for nodes? In QGIS you could add that quite easily but since the iD editor is not a GIS software I was wondering if anyone came across that topic yet or has an idea if that is even possible?

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