Is it possible to receive automated alerts for mapping features that require checking?

Hi, all.

From time to time, I check the ID editor, to see whether I can see any map areas that need attention. Usually this is somewhere local to me, or a place I have an interest in. I will look for things like out of date tags (just one example). If I find any discrepancies, I carry out a survey, before making any edits.

I don’t use Overpass, but am wondering whether it is possible to use a tool for alerting me to areas that may need attention. I have attached a screenshot, of a village in North Yorkshire (Bedale), as an example. You can see from the screenshot, that a few points need to be checked. I’d like to be able to run a scheduled check (daily?) of an area (village name?), that would check for certain criteria (eg out of date tags) and then email me to tell me that zero or more results had been found.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Many thanks,


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