Is manual listing of bus routes at OSM Wiki useful at all?

I encountered Arc en Ciel 1 - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Is anyone at all thinking that making such listings at OSM Wiki is useful in any way at all?

Or would it be fine to delete such page?

Personally, I expect that such manual listing be waste of effort, would go stale out of date quickly. And such listing make sense if automatically generated based on external and OSM data (when licensing allows this).

So it would be better to delete it from OSM Wiki to not encourage people spending time on this and do not confuse people who may be mislead into thinking it is up to date or maintained or that it should be maintained.

(sorry for English, found this while doing OSM Wiki cleanup and wanted to consult any potential deletion with local community).

[translation by DeepL. Use it, it’s fine!]


Maybe that’s where the idea came from: France/Liste des transports en communs en France - OpenStreetMap Wiki… ? And rather than deleting the page, perhaps we should ask its author to classify it better in the wiki?

Having mapped a lot of public transport lines in my region (see my wiki page), I can confirm that keeping these lines in osm and referencing them in the wiki is particularly annoying.

To integrate the lines into osm, you’d have to be content with mapping only the stops (except for trains or trams, perhaps).

For integration into the wiki, you’d need a system that automatically produces this kind of table from osm data, yes, a thousand times yes. Maybe someone has already thought of this and knows how to do it?

Thanks for opening up the discussion on this tricky subject :).

To keep those kinds of tables is quite annoying but I have some doubts that one system can generate this kind of table automatically, because the OSM-data may not be so accurate to generate such tables. Even the GTFS-Feeds are not exempt from problems. Personally, I chose to keep only the relation_master in the PT-Tables in the region where I’m active in order to reduce the number of lines to the bare minimum and refer to other tools to get the PT details and maintain as well as possible these PT networks. To my humble option one will have to keep this Wiki pages and tables at least to show which PT networks / PT lines are mapped (and which are not).