Is route=light_rail incompatable with PTv2?

Reading through some older discussion threads on the forums, I came across a few threads stating that route=light_rail is incompatible with PTv2 because it was not in the original PTv2 proposal (in German, but the new forums makes translation easy anyway):

In addition, the German wiki page contains a notice that this tag is controversial (while the English page lacks any such notice), so seemingly a mapper would come to two different conclusions about the status of this type of route depending on whether one is looking at English or German wiki pages and discussions (as I couldn’t find anything in English on this controversy). Or perhaps the German community simply came to a different conclusion.

So should route=light_rail be used with with PTv2? Personally I think that if mappers are using it meaningfully (differentiating from tram or subway can occasionally be difficult) then it doesn’t really matter what was originally included in the proposal. But I’d like to hear what others think.

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