Is the "government=register_office" tag being used correctly?

I have recently discovered that this tag has a very wide and varied use, contrary to the wiki description.
This is likely due to its plain and generic name, and you will find that it has many uses outside of the UK and Commonwealth. (Most notably for the registration of movable property, real estate, and rights, which seems to be primarily court-related.) - Plz See
I believe that the existence of a separate tag that is specific to a particular region is likely to cause confusion and is not desirable. (This means that it is preferable to exist as an ancillary tag or subtag.)
I’m hoping that people who live in the UK and Commonwealth, or who are familiar with the situation, will be able to discuss and sort it out, and ultimately I think it should be retired, reworded, or updated to match what people are using.
I don’t know the situation in the UK or the Commonwealth, so please don’t ask me, I’d rather you discuss it.

Additionally, I also wonder if Singapore’s unique marriage procedures have anything to do with this. - A licensed solemniser will officiate the ceremony and verify all legal documents, ensure that both parties consent to the marriage, and facilitate the signing of the Certificate of Marriage.

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