Is there a reason why leisure=hackerspace does not render on OSM-Carto?

For example, here is a hackerspace - Node: ‪The MILL‬ (‪6437270426‬) | OpenStreetMap

I found this pull request, but it looks like it didn’t get any traction. They do render in OSMAnd. It seems like there is a suggestion to add another tag in conjunction.

It was also mentioned that the features are frequently also tagged with more common tags like amenity=social_centre, amenity=community_centre and office=coworking.

We currently render amenity=community_centre with a special icon, and all values of office (including coworking) with a dot and text label.

I would be open to considering amenity=social_centre for rendering, if we can clarify when it is needed instead of the more common tag amenity=community_centre.


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