Is there a tool to compare OSM and Wikimedia Commons coordinates?

On OpenStreetMap, it is possible to link Wikimedia Commons files using this tag: wikimedia_commons=File:xyz.jpg

Is there a way/tool to check for files whose coordinates differ significantly between Wikimedia Commons and OpenStreetMap? Such a tool could be used for quality assurance, as it may indicate either 1. that someone has linked the wrong image on OSM or 2. that the coordinates on Wikimedia Commons need to be corrected.

an example: Way: ‪Santuario de la Naturaleza Rocas de Constitución‬ (‪788001966‬) | OpenStreetMap
this way links to an image that has coordinates that are almost 1.880 km away! (here Wikimedia is wrong)

another example: Way History: ‪Passage de l'Ancre‬ (‪263190246‬) | OpenStreetMap
here a building passage in Paris links to an image of a building passage in Narbonne, 620 km away. (here OSM is wrong)

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p.s. If you are interested in Wikimedia Commons QA I sometimes update these MapRoulette challenges: Check and fix wikimedia_commons syntax and Check Commons files that don’t exist

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