It don't show to which message I responded anymore


I hope you can help me with this issue:

The issue happen when I reply to a specific message in the german-forum.
In my reply it do not show, in the very up/right corner of my message, to which message I reply to anymore.

About two weeks ago I have not noticed this issue at all.
And it looks to me that other users do not have this issue.
But I noticed way more reply’s (in german-forum) that do not show (in the very up/right corner of the message) to which message the reply is for.

So maybe there is a general-issue and I am the only user who notice it.
But maybe there is mistake done by me that I am not aware of.
But I think that I don’t do anything different compared to about two weeks ago.

Maybe there was a general-admin-change some users have not noticed
and a byproduct is this issue.

In the last days I helped myself with the use of @username but I am not happy with this workaround.
I thought maybe the issue will disappear by itself in a few days - but it didn’t.

What I want (1st-screenshot) :

What I get (2nd-screenshot) :

Thank you in advance for your help.
Greetings Peter

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