Japanese character of Reverse Geocoding output

Hi, I used revese Geocoding of OpenStreetMap API.
I made my maps app for android last April.
App used revese Geocoding, and it’s returned adrress ware in normal Japanese characters.
But after 2023/8/10 or thereabout, returned character ware abnormal.
This phenomenon occurs in both Android Pixel and AndroidStudio in Windows.
Can someone please tell me the cause and solution for this probrem.

normal characterrs
D/buf: [clear sky, 栗木台四丁目, 麻生区, 川崎市, 神奈川県]

abnormal characterrs
D/buf: [broken clouds, æ —æœ¨å°å››ä¸ç›®, 麻生区, 川崎市, 神奈川県]

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