JOSM: Compass tool to get directions for any node, or to add main slope direction

Countless times I’ve drawn a line from a node or traced along the edge of a building to get the direction for to name a few such as those for traffic signs and onesided sloped roofs.

Today stumbled on the viewpoint preset and low and behold


Now would it not be great if this becomes a plugin/preset feature for JOSM (searched in the official collection but hit on nothing), the idea being whenever the key word ‘direction’ or keyword part is encountered, e.g. in “traffic_signals:direction” of a tagging in progress. This feature to appear in the shortlist of presets related to an item like here


Of course as so often I missed something too simple and doubtlessly someone will share the trick without having to exit the tagging box to take the bearings. (The trick of taking the directions prior to starting a preset or direct tagging is one of those too simple and forgotten post-haste).


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