JOSM: In need of a message box item in the menu or a shortcut

Following on from a previous discussion how to get the change set comment (CSC) or direct personal message (DPM) across to other users who’s attention is needed. The ID editor right top has a little numeric indicator if you have 1 or more unread messaged. JOSM only has a brief fold out at left bottom and that’s it, no time to focus eyes and hand on where the coffee is sitting on the desk. Only when you restart JOSM is there again that brief window telling there are unread messages but who’s going to sit there staring at the screen for 1-2 minutes for that process to complete :?

When searching JOSM, which is where my OSM world is, nothing found in the menus (hit ctrl+spacebar to start menu search). Searched the expanded JOSM shortcut page Shortcuts – JOSM , Again nada, so I dreamed/dreamt away like what if there was something on the JOSM menu to call the undealt message count pop-up, a shortcut to lets you jump to the web browser “My Messages” page, anything at all to open the communication channels.

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