JOSM: Pre-determine Bound Box on open edit set

Yesterday created, by accident, an edit set, 20km high and 150 wide because I somehow managed the set a node without tags. at the east end causing this blue box

Do remember in arrears when this came about, a sudden long red line appearing from off screen and escaping out.

Disturbingly JOSM did not tell me about this untagged lone node on prepping upload and CS commentaries… a clean Validation Results pane, coming back to “If” we could determine what area the CS will cover before uploading. Sometimes when I know there was a large area in which edits were done the possibility to select smaller zones and then Upload Selection (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+U if you can remember), learning from that the relations worked on wont be uploaded until the last edits are send to the server.

Looked at ChangeSet Manager (Ctrl+Alt+C) in hopes there would be, but obviously not, searched for an option to select all changes to visualize to all touched, looked at the upload pane which lists all changes, but nothing obvious to me the shows the BBox or allows to select all edited nodes and do a zoom to selection like the below snip. Would not allow me.


Pretty please, does this exists in some form or does it need a feature request ticket?


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