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The domino effect hit again, first updating tags on a bus stop 50 clicks away. The next day being told there’s a gap(s) in the related bus route (actually there were 2 affected). The only way I know finding them is loading the route into JOSM (with PT plugin) and pouring over the route in detail searching for the gap. Turned out in finding 4 this way and including a section going the opposite way of a oneway, no psv oneway exception so finding what the correct routing is for that corner, appeared to be a double back and going around the block. Thinking to have caught them all, sort the members, no gap warning though mentioned somewhere it would be given and save. Not so, this morning same one route reporting a gap (though there’s a forward and a backward separately, again pouring over and finding yet another at a, off course, newish roundabout.

Since I have PT plugin attached and know how to highlight went to reread the wiki of PT assistant. There’s a paragraph telling how to sort the members to resolve route continuity and in past that has worked for me, but can’t find something that tells where there’s an actual a missing road section in a relation. Somewhere found a wizard to split roundabouts, convert to PTv2, not finding the 2 Tools menu entries related to PT, but there’s an actual PT menu


There’s a button in the relations editor screen to sort members also offering to convert to PTv2 (this route has no route master parent relation, not existing).

Long shorting the TL;DR verbosity, what is the sequence of steps to find real gaps in routes of way sections that were actually missed to be added as members of route relations of any kind but public transport especially, this a real timesaver if it exists particular on those country long Europe serving routes with countless members.

Many thanks.

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