JOSM - Remember 'custom' tags/values across edit sessions

In JOSM using the selection-tagging pane, you can add ATYL “any tag you like”. There’s many that are not in the presets or in “JOSM knows them” list. A few samples are road_marking=solid_stop_line and roof:shape=skillion_windmill, there are just very many like these not.

JOSM will remember one used these tags before during a session and in reopened saved sessions, but when starting a new layer, download an area, all of these infrequent tags are forgotten again.

Particularly storing the long ones that become typo prone or are in the class of ‘what was that again’ like ‘roof:shape=more_than_4_faces’ need to be typed out again and again in full across new sessions rather than being filled out after typing ‘more…’.

The Question: How can I get JOSM to remember these to be ‘known’ when starting a new session?


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