JOSM: Seeking the 'missing in action' mouse right click pop up menu

Those who came from ID Editor are well familiar with the mouse right click pop up menu with varying active buttons depending if and what object is / is-not selected. Sample


The buttons provide a hover description such as here the one for copy.

Opposed, JOSM only has a fixed right-click pop-up to choose imagery


Right click is a rather common functionality in many applications and went to look for any plug-in or ‘extension’ in old speak that would emulate this functionality. At least it took me serious getting used to having made the switch last year and needing to use 2 hands to do common regular things in JOSM that can be done with one hand in ID Editor without loosing grip of the mouse.

Personally I think this is a (big) design omission which would help such common and repetitive activities to think of e.g. Ctrl+Shift+V to add the tags of a previously copied object onto a newly mapped object. That said, have no idea if this was a conscious decision or if there is no equivalent in Java, albeit right click is available on quite a few right hand side activity panels such as on the one for layers


What’d you think, anyone dying to get these wheels added to JOSM and which ones would you like to be part of this where the ID pop up has

Circularize (Shft+O to convert a straight line to a circle or just O to make a ring round)
Move (M) … not so much as in JOSM just grab an object and drag it anywhere)
Square (Q) yes, buildings, parking spaces, high value function
Flip Long (T)
Flip Short (Y) one of these flips I’ve never actually found in JOSM
Rotate (Shft+Ctrl + Mouse drag in JOSM)
Copy (Ctrl+C in JOSM)
Paste (Ctrl+V in JOSM)
Bin (Del in JOSM)

and as JOSM special of course a button for Ctrl+Shft+V to only add the tags of a copied object or Multipolygon relation.

In short looking to just never let go of the mouse and keep the other hand on the coffee mug.

MTIA for sharing your thoughts.

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