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Jóvenes Mapeadores de Panamá, please respond


Panama has two Telegram groups relative to OSM, one is public, the other private. I created and still administer the public one, to which I keep inviting new mappers, making use of the Belgian welcoming site, and a custom alert based on a OSMcha filter. The public one does not enforce a Code of Conduct, it just asks people: try to be kind to each other. As far as I could understand, the private group is a YouthMappers friendly group.

YouthMappers informs us …

recently, on the 15th of July, Nayreth Walachosky, a YouthMappers member, who might well be the current president of the YMUP Chapter, joined the public group, and a few days later, on the 21st of July, we were glad to receive a friendly alert by her: “Quisiera notificar a la lista de OSM talk de aquí de Panamá acerca de un proyecto” (I wish to notify the Panamanian list of OSM talk here about a project).

At the same time, the YMUP wiki page was being edited, possibly by the same Nayreth, making use of the organization account, stating “Siempre mantener informado de nuestras actividades” (always keep informed of our activities).

In the Telegram group we wrote to her that she was welcome to tell us about their activities in the group, or better on some official platform, like the Latam talk list, or on the forum dedicated to Panama, or on the wiki, and she told us that the wiki page was already in place. And that was it.

Considering that the information added to the wiki page mostly referred to old activities, did not provide much detail, did not contain links, and did not refer to future plans, in the group we asked Nayreth if she could be more specific. Seeing no answer, I wrote to her in a private message, but we’re now 10 days later and she still has not accessed Telegram after that 21st of July, so she’s not read our reactions except the first few ones.

I’m mentioning this here publicly on this official OSM site hoping that some YouthMapper will see this, and enlighten us.

I trust that I’m respecting all codes of conduct, present and future, and I’m sure that I’m being as friendly as one can be expected to be. Hopefully this will not again cost me a reprimand from the DWG.

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