KFC vs. Kentucky Fried Chicken

At least with your example of KFC the problem could be mitigated if how the tag is suppose to be used was followed. For instance https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:name says “If a signpost abbreviates the name to save space, but the name can reasonably be spelled out in full, the name=* should also be spelled out in full.” So really it should be name=Kentucky_Fried_Chicken. But the Name Suggestion Index, which dictates how common brands are tagged in OSM, leans more toward abbreviating everything. And then there are the thousands of users who don’t know or care about the specifics.

You can improve Nominatim all day to consider dots and gaps in it’s search results, but it’s still going to give subpar results unless consistent, across the board standards for how to use the name tag are followed. Especially when it comes to abbreviations, but it’s really a more generally problem of inconsistency, which is particularly bad when it comes to “brand” tagging.

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