KY I-69/Purchase Parkway issues

Currently, there’s a user that keeps changing the ‘Purchase Parkway’ in Kentucky to I-69 between Exits 0 & Exit 21, even though KYTC hasn’t gotten approval from the FHWA to post it yet between those exits (it officially ends just south of Exit 21). There’s still upgrades that KYTC needs to finish before they can get approval to post it, like upgrading Exits 1, 2, & 14 to current standards. See: Work for I-69 Upgrades Ramping up along Purchase Parkway

It also doesn’t help this user keeps using the changes description of “changed everything listed”, which doesn’t help, and when I did fix up everything last night, he came to my changeset and said “Wrong, It’s I-69”. Sadly, “Future Corridor I-69” signage doesn’t count for the ‘ref’ tag, as far as I know, KYTC hasn’t removed any Purchase Parkway signage yet, due to the ‘upgrades’ still needed.

I’m pretty sure there would have been a big press release by KYTC announcing the designation being official already, but if you look at the link above, they said the official date for the completion of this December 15, 2024.

Is it possible I can have some backup on this? This isn’t the first time the user has changed it to I-69 after other users (not me before today) have corrected it back to the Purchase Parkway.


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