Lacking proper attribution wiki page - help with a review welcomed

I am reviewing entries on Lacking proper attribution - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Many of them refer to pages which either have fixed attribution or where page is gone or not showing any maps anymore.

For example this edit updates info about anymore - which apparently is not working anymore

If you want to help without interacting with OSM Wiki: please research whether still is using OSM maps and where would be helpful and post in this thread (I quickly checked and old pages are gone, new seems to be without maps but a proper check before delisting them would be nice).

Direct editing requires OSM Wiki account and being able to edit tables, which is a certain barrier but not very high. And such help would be really helpful.

In all cases “Last checked” column can be updated once entry is checked and updated, and entries recently checked can be skipped for now.

Sometimes pages continues to use OSM data without proper attribution, so it should remain. In such case Lacking proper attribution/Example email - OpenStreetMap Wiki can be useful if someone wants to remind them about problem (update “Dates contacted” column in such case).

Some entries are about no longer existing websites: in such case “License ok”, “Authors ok” can be changed to “page defunct” or similar (and entry later will be archived, this can be also done).

If attribution is fully fixed it can be also edited to match entries with green Yes.

If in doubt, feel free to skip entry or ask here.

I am planning to review this entries but reviewing some entries takes quite a long time, so help would be welcomed.

Review of Lacking proper attribution/Fixed - OpenStreetMap Wiki (especially toward bottom, where there are several cases I reviewed recently) would be also appreciated, maybe I made some mistakes and given cases is not yet actually fixed.

(posted in this category as I will propose OSMF to act on specific cases of the most egregious cases, found some candidates for that already - but reviewing all entries would help further)

for avoidance of any doubt: I am speaking here for myself, not for OSM / OSMF / OSMF board

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