Landing page, growing community, tag cloud &c

Just wondering, if the landing page does a good service to invite passers-by to join the conversation. Doesn’t it look a bit empty, with the three categories?

This is just that, wouldn’t it be better or even, at least for a while?

The categories shown make it look like mostly self-centered, about bringing up a forum. However essential that is, it is not something, that appeals to a broader public I fear, or motivates to share the kind of content, that we want to collect in the long run. The next step, attracting userbase, might now be more of interest? In my view top does better in this regard, of engaging curiosity and contributions.

Additionally, I’d welcome, if the landing page gave some instructions, on how to personalize that. Such is possible? That would be a great advantage over the old forums. On another note, maybe a tag-cloud was nice too, to highlight, that the system has multiple vectors, not just categories, wouldn’t that make sense?

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