Landuse=residential or landuse=forest [Australia]?

Hi everyone,

In Eastern Melbourne we have several suburbs that are basically houses and roads put into forests. How should we map and tag the landuse there, where landuse=residential overlaps with landuse=forest?

Have a look at this example:
Here we have:

  • Areas with relatively dense housing without any landuse
  • Areas with relatively dense housing with landuse=residential
  • Areas with relatively dense housing with landuse=forest (NE corner)
  • Areas where landuse=residential and landuse=forest overlap (although I read that this approach is not very welcomed, “One landuse only!”; I observed that the default rendering puts the forest symbols above the residential area, which I personally think is an interesting approach, but we’re not mapping for the renderer) (SW corner)

Where would you draw the line between landuse=forest and landuse=residential, and are there any established criteria?

Thanks for your help, I hope for a productive discussion.

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