Language facilities, how do we map them?

Recently, a user started to edit the name tag of municipalites with language facilities. This showed us that at the moment our consensus isn’t well documented on the wiki page (1, 2) , and the situation isn’t always consistently mapped.

First, I suggest we try to figure out how the situation is generally mapped at the moment. I have made a wiki table listing all municipalties with their relations and nodes. Perhaps we can let a script go over this and let it summarize how the current ‘name’ tag is used? If we find a consensus, we then document this on the wiki page.

  • name tag in municipality boundary relation of admin_level=8 and admin_level=9
  • name tag in node with place=* within these municipalities
  • street names
  • … anything else?

Second, when we have that, we can try to bring some consistency in how it’s currently mapped. At first view, I think it’s currently fairly consistently mapped, except for some cases.

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