Language used in UAE - Names of towns, cities, wadis, mountains, etc. The Law requires that they be recorded in Arabic + English

We are having problems with some users who insist on using only the Arabic language for the names of various toponyms, and for commercial establishments, airports, universities, etc.
It is necessary to remember that the UAE Law requires that all these place names and indicators of commercial establishments and others, ALWAYS appear MANDATORY, in Arabic + English.
This is why OSM must respect the Law, and always use both languages to define all place names and other names that appear on the maps.
Attached is a photograph, as an example, of a small town: Al Jaroof.
On OSM maps, this town should appear with the name: Al Jaroof - الجروف. If we only put الجروف we would be breaking the Law, and we would also be making it difficult for thousands of users who do not speak Arabic to understand our maps.

2024-01-19T20:00:00Z UTC

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