Linux partition for OSM only?

Hi, just build a new PC i7-12700 32gb ram, and m.2 4.0 drive, no GPU just yet so using the chips graphics. I want to create a Linux partition specifically for a tile server, the whole world for offline use, not at once but as needed, as well as creating my own static maps of certain areas using staticmaplite or one of the other out of the box solutions, I presume I can just change the code to point to my own openstreetmap so I can pull as many tiles as I want and as fast as I want(?), will probably ask for help on this once I get it all up and running, been a while but I presume just changing{Z}/{X}/{Y}.png to point to my local install will work? I would prefer to be able to do all this on windows but seems it is not possible(?).

Anyway, been a long time since I have used Linux, Mandrake in the early 2000’s so yeah a long time. Which version would people recommend today just for my specific usage and will support my hardware.

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