Lists of prominent and thematic tags?

OpenStreetMap is wonderful for its generic attribute system, though new users such as myself seem to find a lot of difficulty targeting precisely what information is available within the system: is there a set of documentation centered around its applications?

For instance, suppose a user is building a photo-sharing app and wants to populate their photograph metadata with usual conversational text strings associated with the location derived from its lat, lng. The list of potential attributes becomes expansive very quickly, and I do not see many ways to create a comprehensive list. Let me explain.

For instance, a photo-sharing app may benefit from (off the top of my head):

  1. administrative boundaries (names of counties, etc).
  2. National Parks, local topological parks.
  3. bodies of water
  4. theme parks and recreational activities
  5. buildings and chain store names
  6. contextual information to activity (i.e., food inside airport)

Each of these require somewhat radically different attributes to filter their is_in. In some cases, attributes are generic (boundary=national_park), in others they are specific (building=) and others are subcategories of other attributes (amenities=fire_station).

OpenStreetMap is a wonderful community going back more than a decade, so presumably there are resources that elder members of the community have written directly for leading the direction of new users engaging with the community to build applications. Web searches were unable to find any variant of Wiki pages or Medium articles, etc. Where to direct people?

This is a comprehensive list of nearly all tags, much too comprehensive:

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