Localization (Indigenous Peoples Languages)

Dear All,

Good day and hope you are keeping well!

Kindly note that my colleagues are currently working on a project devoted to localization of names in Canada for the following languages (unfortunately, there is a very limited data in OSM):

i) Chipewyan; (Dene Suline; De‌ne Su‌łıne‌), (=osm name:chp, iso_639: cjw/oj)
ii) East Cree, (osm:cr, iso_639: crj/cre/cr)
iii) Gwich’in, (iso_639: gwi)
iv) Inuvialuktun,
v) Inuktitut, (osm:iu iso_639: iku/iu)
vi) North and South Dene, (iso_639: den)
vii) Oji-Cree, (osm: oj, iso_639:ojs)
viii) Tlicho; (Dogrib; Tłı‌cho‌)

Hence, for the sake of good order, please let me know, whether you know any databases/websites/resources, from where this information may be extracted.

Many thanks in advance for your kind assistance and wishing you a great day!

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