Looking for 3D terrain or contour lines data for Germany

I have a map at https://radverkehrsatlas.de/ which uses Maplibre GL JS. I would like to give some feedback to users on hills and elevation changes.

I see two possible ways to do this … but I did not find any open data for Germany that I could use to add those features.

Option 1: Use Maplibre 3D Terrain

It looks like I need png-XYZ-Tiles for „terrainSource“ and „hillshadeSource“.

Does anyone know about Open Data for Germany that can be used in this way?

Option 2: Contour lines (GER: “Höhenlinien”).
Is there a dataset (for Germany) that would allow to add contour lines as pixel or vector data to maps?
I see that Thunderforest has data for Germany in eg. Landscape - Thunderforest, but I don’t see a data source reference.

Thanks for hints!

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