Looking for assistance in cleaning up a Government Data download Item

Hi all,
I’ve been using OSM for a while, including OSMAND and I have especially been using it for hunting purposes.
The crown land database for my province is freely available and I have found a way to import it into OSMAND in a way that it shows up on my map. However, there is a problem with some of the data. I am looking for some help in getting one particular parcel of land to render in OSMAND.
The entire Crown Land database can be viewed and downloaded here: https://data.novascotia.ca/Lands-Forests-and-Wildlife/Crown-Land-Map/sqec-gjbw
The particular blob in question has the tag of 21729
Running the validator in JOSM reports that the 'way contains more that 2000 nodes and should be a multipolygon. From what I can see it has over 12000 nodes in the outer layer and it has what looks like 100 inner polygons. I am overwhelmed in my inexperience. Can anyone lend a hand?


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