Major problems with Amazon edits

After months of discussion in changeset comments about the task Added Directions, see e.g. OpenStreetMap (OSM) Changeset Discussions and OpenStreetMap (OSM) Changeset Discussions among other, Amazon still uses “fishbone” shapes of parking lots as lonely justification to add oneway=yes.
In the comments of e.g. Changeset: 129308457 | OpenStreetMap I asked about describing the tasks on their project page, Organised Editing/Activities/Amazon - OpenStreetMap Wiki, and to publish the instructions in order to correct them but both was refused.

Now, I find more problem with the task Modified road into Dual Carriageway, neither documented, as tags like sidewalk=both, cycleway:both=lane and turn:lanes plus all other :lanes are not properly adjusted. Additionally, many route relations like route=road and PTv1 and PTv2 relations are damaged. At least the needed adjustments of tags have been reported by several users to several employees without changes in workflow, see e.g. OpenStreetMap (OSM) Changeset Discussions.

I expect better changeset from paid mappers and I am tired to review Amazon’s changeset as at least with relations they seem not to have a single mapper who has the knowledge to fix the problems, see Changeset: 132036902 | OpenStreetMap. Therefore I would request to stop any edits where they do not fully understand the present object’s tag and the concept of the underlying relations.

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