Making a changeset for a new way

Hi folks,

I am trying to make a changeset-file that adds a few nodes and a new way using these nodes. I am doing this in python, by first making a dictionary and then writing it to an xml-file using the xmltodict module. I have been able to make a simple way by connecting two existing nodes. I know this works since osrm routes along this new short-cut route. But when I try to add new nodes along that way the new way is ignored, so I must be doing something wrong. Here is the changeset with a new node in the middle of the new way.


I then use osmosis to generate an updated file:

osmosis --read-xml-change file=“changeset.xml” --read-pbf file=“norway-latest.osm.pbf” --apply-change --write-pbf file=“updated.osm.pbf” omitmetadata=true

Any glaring errors here?

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