Manque d'attribution appropriée and Lacking proper attribution - OSM Wiki

For start: sorry for using English, but sadly I cannot really speak French.

Recently I was reviewing Lacking proper attribution - OpenStreetMap Wiki to both keep only still active violators, archive fixed/defunct cases and find some especially problematic ones.

Recently I discovered (thanks to Angoca) that FR:Manque d'attribution appropriée - OpenStreetMap Wiki exists with an independent list. I expect that it makes sense to contact French operators in French, and it opens this useful activity also to people not using English.

But I want to encourage moving (copying?) entries to the main list, in English, especially where:

  • contact was attempted
  • no attribution whatsoever is present
  • they use OSMF tile servers
  • attribution was not fixed

though if French community prefers keeping entries on this-French specific list it is also fine.

Also, if you have candidates of extremely clear and blatant variety (no attribution whatsoever shown while using map, no response to attempted contact, using OSMF tile servers) and you do no want to add them to the main list in English.

Then feel free to list them in this thread, I will visit it in some time, then I will add at least some « Lacking proper attribution » and take further action on it. (why only OSMF hosted ones for now: these are easiest to take action, operations can just disable their tiles as happened with two sites recently)

(this is not an official OSMF statement, it was made in my personal capacity but while preparing some OSMF-related activities)

see this and that for links to OSMF-related activities, in separate post due to forum limits (2 links per post for new users)

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thanks, the list of attribution issue detected by the french community was moved on github, the list in the wiki page is obselete : Issues · osm-fr/attributions · GitHub

Would it make sense to move then this entries to Github and delete them from Wiki?

Though the same is also applying to Github list (adding entries to Lacking proper attribution - OpenStreetMap Wiki - especially where stubborn people keep violating OSM license while using OSMF servers).

I guess if someone really hates Mediawiki code and like Github they can also open issue at but it will be looked at by me after I process

(inactive links due to


It should be said first of all that whatever we use at OSM France level (mediawiki, github, collaborative pads, smoke signals…) is a workaround of the lack of appropriate tool at worldwide level.

It’s time consuming, not really appropriate because when we deal about a licence violation at local level, things could be the same elsewhere and the issue should be followed between several chapters.
Some issues couldn’t be displayed publicly as related to corporate agreements that should be reviewed prior to name and shame partners (without excluding to get the Foundation informed as well), and so on…

We expect that OSM F could provide a single workflow for such issues as they are related to its role of enforcing the licence it grants.
So we are not going to spend so much time on this, as a permanent temporary solution awaiting for more efficient ticketing system.

All the best


I agree that it could and should be better, and that OSMF should be more active in this field. For now my next planned steps is to handle some of blatant plagiarists using existing processes and document them.

In France, we tested masking a few tiles (FR tiles) when we couldn’t contact the organisations. It worked well. We hope that this will also be possible with tiles.
Christian had written a post on this subject on the international forum.

Something similar was done also with OSMF tiles: their access was fully blocked and map started to show only gray tiles. I want to do it with more, that is why I am fishing for cases using OSMF tile servers while violating our license.

Is it still OK to mark fixed cases at FR:Manque d'attribution appropriée - OpenStreetMap Wiki as fixed? Would it be OK to add note that case was coped to English version of the list?

Or should I ask about this on Wiki discussion? (both partially apply to Lacking proper attribution: Difference between revisions - OpenStreetMap Wiki - in one place it was fixed, in another I send them a new report)

Which is very important.
Can we help you to contact them, in case some of them operate in France?

I have no problem with that. Put the right comments where necessary. The important thing is that the lack of attribution is corrected.

Yes, that is very helpful! Just avoid being really aggressive or claiming to represent OSMF and so on. And be sure that they actually use OSM data :slight_smile:

Making notes about contact method is also helpful (where contact details are listed etc - sometimes finding that takes a bit of time). Even just recording problematic cases is helpful.

And if they do not fix problem than raising it higher makes sense. Sorry that there is no clear method for doing this but writing to OSMF (Legal Working Group? OSMF board?) may be a good idea.

In addition, initial contact in French rather than English may be also preferable for projects from France.

(written in a personal capacity, not an official OSMF statement, like other comments in this thread it was not consulted with others and posted this on my own)

This is mostly causing a switch to another tile source, not fixing the attribution, that’s why I choose to insert « attribution reminder » tiles randomly :wink:


It’s a little less violent and people can still check the map