Map Look Up Pine Island, NY on 12/27/2023 was correct. Map Look Up same on 12/29/2023 not so correct

Hello Open Street Map,
This is the first post of mine… I hope it is helpful.
All the Searches on OSM are looking for Pine Island, NY. It is very close to the North East slanting border of NJ. Pine Island sits between Vernon, NJ and Warwick, NY.

On Wednesday, evening about 7 pm ET 12/27/2023 I looked up Pine Island, NY on OSM., all was good and helpful.

On Friday 12/29/2023 morning about 6:30 am Eastern Time USA, it was changed. OSM could not find Pine Island addresses.

On Friday 12/29/2023 the OSM showed me an area sort of between Fort Drum, NY and the Adirondack Park,NY. This is North of Albany.

This is the search url:

One of the several screen shots:

In addition: 13 Mission Land Road results on Wed 12/27 found. But on Friday 12/29 OSM could not find the same address.

13 Mission Land Road is visible on your OSM in the correct place on the map, Pine Island, NY.

The OSM map was correct on Wednesday 12/27/2023. OSM was not correct on Friday 12/29/2023.

What happened in those two days?

I thought it important to bring your attention to this small portion of the world. If these kinds of mistakes happen regularly, then … Well I will leave this up to you.

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Blessings, Lynn Colleran

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