Map Note Madness

I’ve used OSM for at least 10 tears - I’ve forgotten how long - and once made a few contributions to stony footpaths in a S. France mountain village. Since then, I have often turned to OSM for various places. Now I live in Amsterdam.
The recent problem is that the map of Amsterdam and cities all over the world are suddenly smothered with angry red-cross teardrops that apparently convey no useful information and won’t go away. I first noticed them recently and it took me some time to figure out that they would only disappear if I clicked on the Layers menu icon AND un-ticked the Map Notes option which had somehow appeared. Shouldn’t there at least be a general-purpose reset icon in the menu?
If it’s relevant, I’m using OSM in FireFox. Would it help to add a print-screen sample (I’m not sure how)?

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