Mapping bouldering routes

Hi all!

After a mapping party near Fontainebleau (a famous climbing area in France) I have started mapping one of the many local crags (there are about 200). More precisely, I have focused on what they call circuits : routes across the forest where you walk from one numbered problem to the next. For instance the yellow circuit at Maincourt has 30 numbered problems whose difficulty range from 1 to 3+.

I have failed to find examples of such “circuits” in OSM and I have two questions:

  • what is the exact meaning of climbing=boulder? is it “this is a boulder”? or “this is a climbing route (a problem) on a boulder?”

  • how would you map “circuits”? I went for a relation with type=route, route=bouldering, and one member for each problem. Does it feel right to you?

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