Mapping Cell Towers

Are there any useful apps for displaying Cell Towers (eg OpenCelliD) on a map with OSM data?

Scenario: I’m driving through the desert, and I suddenly have to join a video conference. I notice that I have no cellular data, and I’m at a 4-way cross roads: each going North, South, East, and West.

I’m looking for an app that has all this data offline and will show me [a] my location and [b] all the nearby cell towers. Ideally, it should tell me if the cell tower will work with my specific mobile provider’s SIM card.

I already use OsmAnd for offline maps, so a plugin for OsmAnd would be ideal.

Is there a way to get an offline map of the cell towers near my current location, so I know where to go for the best possible signal and least possible packet loss?

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