Mapping crossings both as ways and as nodes

I’m trying to understand what the consensus is with mapping crossings as ways and nodes. Mapping with only a node that has highway=crossing is a valid option, nobody denies that. We get problems when crossings are mapped as ways. Do we map with only a way with footway=crossing, or do we also add a node with highway=crossing?

I looked at a few European cities, and got a percentage of crossings that are tagged with only a way, without a node, versus all crossings tagged as ways:

London: 8%
Amsterdam: 37%
Zürich: 46%
Milano: 10%
Paris: 7%
Madrid: 30%
Zagreb: 39%

Data shows that (at least in Europe) a majority of crossings that are mapped with a crossing way, are also mapped with a crossing node in the middle.

While trying to find which mapping style is “more correct”, the only discussion I found is this one on the Discussion page of the highway=crossing wiki. There it is said that tagging both with a way and a node is a Violation of the One Entity One Object Rule, but that this state happened because people didn’t want to delete crossing nodes when adding ways.

What do we think about this?

Queries I used for the data: Overpass queries.

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