Mapping fjords with arms

I wanted to map few fjords in Norway, and I’m not sure if I should consider the arms of a fjord, a part of this fjord. For example I mapped Storfjorden (Relation: ‪Storfjorden‬ (‪16124483‬) | OpenStreetMap) and Norangsfjorden (Relation: ‪Norangsfjorden‬ (‪16124484‬) | OpenStreetMap) which are arms of Hjørundfjorden. Hjørundfjorden I mapped like this: Relation: ‪Hjørundfjorden‬ (‪16124482‬) | OpenStreetMap - I included Storfjorden and Norangsfjorden in the relation of Hjørundfjorden.
The question is - is it the correct way to map fjords? Or should I exclude Norangsfjorden and Storfjorden from the Hjørundfjorden relation? When I looked how other fjords are mapped, I have seen both ways are used.

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