Mapping in Faro - locals check my changeset?

(I’m sorry, but I don’t speak Portuguese language. Hope it’s not too annoying for you)
Hi there, while I visited Portugal (again), I not only had a great time, but love to add some details to the city of Faro.
I already started with mapping buildings and details at praya de faro and would like to ask, if anybody with local or at least PT experience could please just check my changeset?
This would avoid any other mapping mistakes if I continue to the city area itself.

Some of my thoughts & troubles are very specific:

  • Are PT pedestrian crossings tactile by default? (they seem to be most often bumpers and raised white stripes)
  • How do palms look like on aerial imagery? (hard for me to determine if it’s
  • Is there any better aerial imagery as there seem to be a import / cooperation with the public cadastre PT (survey points)? - Bing, Mapbox, … look ok but resolution and timespan is not superb

In the next days I would like to add some more details like 3D mapping and micromapping. But maybe you have some more tips what I can consider or what to avoid :wink:

P.S: PT is so lovely land & has so friendly people :smile:

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