Mapping minority-owned and women-owned businesses

I recently noticed that the latino-owned=yes and women-owned=yes tags were removed from a small business near San Antonio, Texas. In the discussion about the changeset, there seem to be some differences of opinion about whether it is possible to include this information in the map.

Tags of this type seem to be rare. There are a total of 14 instances of black_owned and 4 instances of women_owned tags. If this information is also present in other tags, I would be interested to know about it.

When the tags were removed, the justification was that they fell under the Limitations on mapping private information - OpenStreetMap Wiki.

Personally, I would disagree. I don’t know about other countries, but business owners in the US often provide this information to the community. And community members often use it to choose to support businesses with diverse ownership. To me, this is important and useful information in a map, perhaps as useful as opening_hours and verifiable if the business owner has chosen to make this information public. I believe OSM would be richer and more useful with this information.

Is there a consensus on whether this information can be included in OSM, or whether it must be removed?

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