Mapping missing postcodes in the UK

This helpful tool from Robert Whittaker shows that currently only 25% of postcodes in the UK have been mapped. We have been making progress, but it is slow.

I like using MapRoulette to track progress and easily give me a random “task” to do. And so I have made a challenge for the missing postcodes in my area:

I have compared current taginfo stats with Code-Point Open to find the postcodes that have not been mapped yet, and so can easily do the same for any other area. (The size limit for a challenge is 50 000 tasks and with 1 262 429 missing postcodes, that’s clearly too much for one).

Let me know which postcode area you want a challenge for and I can make it and share a link here.

As noted in the task instructions, consider using the NSUL postcode overlay to see postcodes for all buildings/UPRNs around and then you can add the appropriate postcode to all nearby addresses.

Also let me know if you think the challenge description or task instructions could be improved.

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