Mapping of Frontage Roads

The general wiki says:

„A frontage road (also access road, service road, parallel road, etc.) is a minor road running parallel to a higher-speed more major road, often in an urban setting.“


„Do not use the highway= tag for the frontage road. Simply use one of the normal highway=* tags. As the frontage road is less important than the major road, it must also have a lower highway=* tag than the major road“

The Indian wiki declare frontage roads similiary. (India/Tags/Highway - OpenStreetMap Wiki)

But the actual mapping of frontage roads parallel to NH trunks in India is not like this.

  • often highway=trunk is used

  • or trunk_link (which are meant only for slip roads/ramps)

  • in most cases frontage roads are mapped with oneway=yes: I am unable to decide, in which cases

this is correct. If they are mapped without oneway=yes, then it is possible to enter the trunk with a

strange U-turn!!

  • generally we have a problem in case of trunks with two carriageways: in these cases the

connecting roads are mapped, so that it is sometimes impossible to pass the trunk and reach the

other village part.

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