Mapping of "private" security cameras

Question re mapping of private security cameras i.e. cameras that are set-up around private houses, looking (mainly) at their own property (driveways, yard areas etc).

Should they be mapped in OSM?

Tag:man_made=surveillance - OpenStreetMap Wiki says “A surveillance camera or other types of surveillance equipment. These may be publicly or privately operated, and may be monitoring a public or private space”, but there’s no mention either there, or at Key:surveillance - OpenStreetMap Wiki regarding cameras at private houses.

Limitations on mapping private information - OpenStreetMap Wiki includes:
Limit the detail of mapping private backyards.
Do not map the personal possession of private objects or their location (like vehicles, TV-sets, washing machines, or how many livestock belong to a household)
Do not map personal private indoor facilities,
but again, doesn’t specifically mention security cameras.

So what do we think? Should they be mapped - yes / no?

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