Mapping Private Lake Communities

I working on an area with multiple private lakes communities, and a few questions have arose.

  1. Most of the amenities are property of the respective lake association, and accessible only to members in good standing. Should these be tagged as “private” or “permit”?

  2. Some amenities, such as parks and beaches, do not have an “access” tag. Can I simply add “access=private” or access=permit" manually? I’ve tried it and it doesn’t appear to have any effect.

  3. Many of the roads, while accessible to and often used by the public, are privately owned and maintained by the lake association. Should these be tagged as public, private, or permit? I’ve also considered permissive, as access is not typically enforced unless there is a disturbance or complaint.

  4. Though they are not official government entities, could I use “administrative boundry” to indicate the borders of the associations, and tag these accordingly with the community information?

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