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Hi all Austrian mappers!

I often hike/trail-run all around AT and I’ve recently moved into Salzburg area. I would like to help with mapping the hiking trails, but have a general question which bothers me for a while. Using app (very nice Czech tourist app, based on OSM) I was confused in Austria when many of the marked trails were not present in the app. Having some experience with mapping in Slovakia I checked OSM and the trails were not present there even when in reality the trails were marked and signposted. The paths were present almost all the time in OSM, but without indication of a marked trail.

One example is Spielberg close to Salzburg (OpenStreetMap). Lots of signposts and marked trails in the area, but nothing in OSM. I made photos of all of the signposts but OSM is empty.

Am I missing something or are these trails really not in OSM? I would like to contribute to the local maps, but I don’t want to interfere with something I am not aware of.

Thank you very much for any advice!


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